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ULX110 is the finest quality Performance Motor Oil money can buy. This outstanding oil is engineered from top quality solvent neutral base stocks with special friction modifiers and EP additives not found in commercially available motor oils.


ULX110 Motor oils have special additives that reduce friction and oil temperature while maintaining oil viscosity. You will see much better oil pressure and lower oil temperature during high RPM and severe service applications.


ULX110 Motor Oil also resists dilution with fuels such as E85, Methanol and Nitro Methane. At the same time ULX110 increases protection against cylinder and piston galling and detonation.


ULX110 has the very best non-shear viscosity index improvers and three performance additive packages plus ZDDP. Only non-cracked solvent neutral base stocks are used. ULX110 also contains two specialty additives not found in commercial motor oils. One such additive is an oil soluble liquid that stays suspended in the oil resulting in a 38% reduction in friction when compared to oils not containing this additive. An added protection in this particular ingredient is 350,000 lb/sq Timken rating (determines the ability of an oil to stay between moving metal parts under load).


Another specialty additive, ULP, is a friction modifier and viscosity stabilizer that greatly reduces oil thinning under extreme temperature and very high RPM’s. ULP additive coats cylinder walls and bearings and greatly resists wash down. This viscosity improver, detergent and pour point additives are TOP OF THE LINE ADDITIVES in each category.


ULX110 also contains a defoamer and demulsifier which eliminates foaming and mixing with water in alcohol fuels.

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